BMW M Cars, Ranked

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1. M1

2. E28 M5

3. E30 M3

4. E24 M6/M635CSi

5. E39 M5

6. E46 M3

7. Z3 M Coupe

8. That M8 Prototype locked away in a vault because it was too insane for humans to actually drive


9. E34 M5

10. 1 Series M Coupe

11. E36 M3

12. E61 M5

13. E92 M3

14. Z4 M Coupe (Added by popular demand!)

15.-87. All others

Please feel free to angrily disagree with me in the comments.

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E85 Z4 M should be ahead of the E46 and and E36/7 Z3 M. It's the last, best of the S54-equipped M cars. So few were made that not that many people have gotten to experience them. They are wonderful.

Manual transmission. Minimal traction control nannies, all can be turned off. No iDrive nonsense. Its focus is on driving, not being a rolling leather lounge.