Who needs a heavy-duty dually pick up truck?

As you read through this list, you may wonder why some of these tiny European cars are rated with higher towing capacities than what you’d expect in North America. This super informative writeup by Jalopnik reader HammerheadFistpunch can give you an in-depth look into confusing science and numbers behind it all. Check it out and this will all make more sense.


10.) VW Beetle

With the unique attachment shown in this video, your common Beetle can be transformed into your dream family getaway camping vehicle in no-time! How is it that my colleague Jason Torchinsky hasn’t bought one of these yet?

Suggested By: beardedbarsted

9.) BMW 550i GT


Capable of pulling 4630 pounds of trailer, who would’ve thought this egg-shaped sedan-thing would be one of the most capable tow hauling luxury cars on the road?

Too bad BMW won’t send them over to North America with the optional tow bar. Maybe if they did, we finally could’ve put these soccer mom family haulers through some real usage.


Suggested By: StrathamVonVogt, Photo Credit: BMW

8.) Porsche Panamera


The Panamera might not have the most favorable design lines, but it sure does have a hell of a good towing capacity. Trust me, being able pull 4,850 lbs of trailer with a luxury sedan is no ordinary feat.

Hey all you Panamera haters out there, take that!

Suggested By: Mike Dallin, Photo Credit: Porsche AG

7.) Buick Roadmaster Estate


Remember that Buick Roadmaster from your childhood? Did your parents ever consider the possibility of towing a corner deli-sized boat with it? No? Well aren’t you lucky.

When equipped with all the right gizmos and gadgets, the Buick Roadmaster Estate is said to be capable of towing up to 7000 lbs. Yes indeed, that does sound insane.


Suggested By: DoctorNo988, Photo Credit: IFCAR via Wikipedia

6.) BMW E39 M5


With the proper trailer-braking setup, E39 M5s have been rated to tow up to 3,960 lbs. I knew that torquey-ass motor had to be good for something other than putting down massive 11s.

Suggested By: NinJA999, Photo Credit: Gerard McGovern via Flickr

5.) Porsche 928


Who knew that the supposed 911-replacement car was also built with caravanning in mind? Those Germans rated the Porsche 928 with a towing capacity of 3528 lbs with trailer brakes. That’s incredible.

Suggested By: dagibby, Photo Credit: The Car Spy via Flickr

4.) A Bicycle


Whether you need to tow your toddler, hardware supplies, assorted merchandise or even a canoe around town, it’s often easy to forget that bicycles can be one of the most simple and direct tools for the job. That is, as long as you have all the right trailer attachments.

Suggested By: Trailblazers, Photo Credit: grrsh via Flickr

3.) Cadillac Fleetwood


With the Trailer Towing Package that was introduced in 1993, the Fleetwood would be able to haul up to 7000 lbs. of trailer. This is thanks to its beefed up and additional heavier duty parts such as a bigger radiator, an upgraded suspension system, a smoother transmission as well as an upgraded alternator. Not bad for a Cadillac.

Suggested By: Doctor-G-and-the-wagen, Photo Credit: IFCAR via Wikipedia

2.) Volvo S60


Yes my friends, Sweden’s best midsize sedan of today has not only been designed to save your ass in a crash, but also to comfortably and safely tow 3300 lbs of trailer. And you can get it in Smurfmobile Blue.

Suggested By: TurboS60, Photo Credit: Volvo

1.) Honda Gold Wing


Who would’ve though that with only a minor attachment, Honda Gold Wing motorcycles would have the ability to tow up to 5500 lbs? Do you see that up there? That’s a motorcycle pulling a damn wagon!

Unfortunately due to its 20 MPH speed restriction, it might not be the most practical or the fastest tow vehicle, but it can almost certainly get the job done. At least in parking lots and what not.


Suggested By: Stig-a-saw-us-wrecks, Photo Credit: Coming Through via autoblog

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Top Photo Credit: Cadillac

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