The 1991 Buick Roadmaster Reeks Of New England Charm

I'd like to take this moment to divert everyone's attention from their Ebola panic to these Buick Roadmaster Estate press shots which are the most goddamn 1990s New England thing ever.

Look at that fucking white house with a cobblestone driveway and a goddamn boat in the garage. Has any picture screamed "upper class New England suburbia" quite like this?

Yachts in a harbor with a wood panelled Roadmaster Estate in the foreground. Welcome to Newport, RI circa 1991.


I bet they ride horses here. Of course they do.


I bet they have an electric gate at the top of their driveway.


Is that the smell of a crisp autumn morning, or is it just me?

I should point out that both I and Truck Yeah's Andrew Collins grew up in Massachusetts suburbs during the 1990s and it looked exactly like this. Hell, there are houses in Connecticut that still look like this.


I don't know for certain that GM actually took these press shots in New England, but it sure as hell looks like it. This is peak 1990s New England suburbia right here and I kind of love it.

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