The Ten Most Obnoxious Drivers Ever Caught On Video

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The roads are full of dangerous idiots. These are ten of the worst, in action.

10.) The impatient Jeep lady

Well, at least she got what she deserved.

Suggested By: ejp hates automatic transmissions

9.) The full-sized pickup guy rolling coal

He is aware that while the U.S. did sign the Kyoto Protocol, it did not ratify it.


Suggested By: DIRTEE30


8.) The too damn loud S8 driver

There's a difference between a nice sport exhaust and a straight pipe. In a busy city, just don't.


Suggested By: jbh


7.) Crazy Camry man

Some people probably shouldn't be allowed behind the wheel.

Suggested By: 6cyl


6.) The burnout boys

Traffic jams suck without Jalopnik, but this is still unacceptable.

Suggested By: RazoE


5.) The ghost rider

If Petter Solberg couldn't pull it off, you should stay in your seat too.

Suggested By: One Quick Turbo Brick


4.) The Russian BMW driver

The biggest problem in Russia is that you don't know who might be carrying a gun that has been used before...


Suggested By: $kaycog


3.) The Gallardo gang

Go to a track. The highway isn't one.

Suggested By: GR1M RACER : Wrong Most of the Time


2.) The Transporter wannabe

The thing is, rules are certainly different in Georgia (as in Georgia, a country in Europe), but not that different. Unfortunately, the BMW's infamous driver is no longer with us.


Suggested By: Forgetful


1.) The Prius lady

Hit me with a burning full sized pickup. Smash my car during your failed burnout. Anything would be preferable to sitting through this.


Suggested By: Brian, The Life of


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Top Photo Credit: Moto Pupu