The Ten Most Incredible Car Jump Videos

Jumping a car ain't easy, but these ten daredevils perfected it even if one of them broke his back in the process...

10.) Ken Block Visiting San Fransisco

Leaving the WRC and the rallycross and everything else aside, Ken Block did some great stunts, as Mr Jinkins points out:

Have to go with Ken Block SF jump. Sure it's not the biggest or baddest, but it's in a neighborhood. Those are peoples houses. Hell, i'm pretty sure the vid below is from someone's apartment. Jumping from a custom built ramp in the middle of Nevada: pretty dammed cool. Jumping a nature born hill 20ft from someone eating pancakes in their pajamas: bonanza.


Still beaten by a La Car.

Suggested By: Mr Jinkins

9.) Colin McRae Being Colin McRae in 1997

Keeping it together after one jump is good. Keeping it together after two is Colin McRae.

Suggested By: Justin Young (@jus1029)

8.) Jumping a Semi



Suggested By: myleadfoot

7.) Adrian Cenni Flipping It

Long suspension travel comes with these as standard. Mind you, James Bond could do it with a standard AMC...


Suggested By: WeimMe

6.) Backflip

The things you don't tell your mother about...

Suggested By: macanamera

5.) That's Why You Can't Find A Decent Charger

General Lee supercut? General Lee supercut!

Suggested By: McMike

4.) Very Hot Wheels

Don't try this at home using a wooden ramp built by your friends. Just don't.

Suggested By: $kaycog

3.) Ogier At 134 Feet

No ramps, no stunts, just pure WRC on snow tires.

Suggested By: willkinton247

2.) (Not Quite) Jumping The St. Lawrence River

A rocket-powered Lincoln and a broken back. You're welcome!

Suggested By: Sky Blue

1.) The Misfits Jumping a Buick

It's perfect, and we just keeping going ever since...

Suggested By: Michael Banovsky

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Top Photo Credit: VW

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