Your feet are on the pedals, your hands are mostly on the steering wheel, but the greatest way to connect with your car is through a nice shifter, and these ten are the most beautiful.

10.) Pagani Huayra

Producing that part alone from billet aluminum probably takes longer than building a complete car on a standard assembly line.

Suggested By: Diesel, Photo Credit: Pagani Automobili

9.) Volvo S60R Spaceball

While it looks cool, the optional spaceball gearbox gets better once you replaced that plastic with a traditional leather shifter boot. designerbation likes it though:

Love the spaceball. 1st gen R owners found out the painted surround was aluminum. I painted mine body color and brushed the surround :)

Suggested By: RazoE, Photo Credit:

8.) Mopar Pistol Grip

America's weapon of choice.

Suggested By: ZaqAtaq, Photo Credit: RM Auctions

7.) Mercedes-Benz CLK GTR

Talk about short shifting...

Suggested By: B89D, Photo Credit: stephenhanafin

6.) DeLorean DMC-12

Most DeLoreans came with a sluggish three-speed automatic, but those who went for the five-speed manual didn't regret it as it made that famously underpowered V6 much more lively. Simplicity at its best.

Suggested By: Arch Duke Maxyenko, The Great!, Photo Credit: aresauburn™

5.) Audi R8

Look at that massive piece of heavy metal! It will give you more satisfaction than any sort of Lamborghini shifter, but look at it good because it's also pretty much gone thanks to a certain Lamborghini shifter.

Suggested By: RXEight, Photo Credit: T.M.O.F.

4.) Delahaye Column Shifters

Delahaye used these for at least two decades. Old-fashioned and as classy as a shifter can get. It also improves legroom, so it's a win-win!

Suggested By: MooseKnuckles, Photo Credit: Rex Gray

3.) Porsche 917

Everything was cut out from the Porsche 917 for lightness. They even drilled holes into the keys. The wooden shift knob was layered Balsa, and wonderful.

Suggested By: themanwithsauce, Photo Credit: Porsche AG.

2.) Spyker C8

We really hope Spyker can fork up enough money, because we need these shifters in our lives, and you do too.

Suggested By: Braking Bad, Photo Credit: The Car Spy

1.) Ferrari F355

Paddle shifters are faster and more efficient. But this is art.

Suggested By: jalmuqbel, Photo Credit: p_c_w

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