The ten hottest TV traffic reporters

Traffic’s somehow bearable when you consider that, without it, there would be no need for the warm smile of the always curiously attractive TV traffic reporter. According to Jalopnik readers, here are the ten hottest TV traffic reporters.[jump]

Welcome back to Answers of the Day — our Jalopnik summer feature where we take the best ten responses from the previous day’s Question of the Day and shine it up to show off. It’s by you and for you, the Jalopnik readers. Enjoy!

10.) Teresa Labarbera

Where You Can See Her: WNTH 8 - New Haven, CT

Suggested By: Dwight

Why We Like Her: Originally from Connecticut, Teresa spent some time in Monroe, Louisiana, where she was a television personality and hosted the local Mardi Gras parade. She now reports on traffic for Good Morning Connecticut and hosts a couple of other shows for WNTH.

Photo credit: David Apuzzo


9.) Lauren Scala

Where You Can See Her: WNBC 4 - New York, NY

Suggested By: ryanstryin

Why We Like Her: Along with her duties as Today In New York’s traffic reporter, Lauren hosts a weekend morning call-in trivia show, and does additional reporting for WNBC’s afternoon news broadcasts.


Photo credit: NBC Newswomen


8.) Christina Stoffo

Where You Can See Her: WNYW 5 - New York, NY

Suggested By: Corsonmcnash

Why We Like Her: In the past, Christina’s doubled as a model and traffic reporter for The Michael Kay Show on ESPN radio. Now, she fills in on Fox 5 in New York, and is a fitness consultant. In her spare time, she also plays World of Warcraft.

7.) Amelia Earhart

Where You Can See Her: KUSA 9 - Denver, CO

Suggested By: ColoradoQuattro

Why We Like Her: Yes, Amelia is related to the other famous Earhart. This Amelia is pursuing her pilot’s license, and enjoys photography.


Photo credit: YouTube


6.) Jennifer Reyna

Where You Can See Her: KPRC 2 - Houston, TX

Suggested By: -Amateur

Why We Like Her: Jennifer returned to TV screens across Houston after spending some time on Los Angeles television, and also currently co-hosts and does traffic reporting for KSBJ 89.3FM in Houston.


5.) Amanda Meadows

Where You Can See Her: WTVR 6 - Richmond, VA

Suggested By: Jeb_Hoge

Why We Like Her: Amanda is at the helm of one of the nation’s most advanced traffic monitoring systems at WTVR, the Beat the Traffic System. She also DJs on a local radio station on the weekends, 97.3FM The Eagle in Hampton Roads, VA.


Photo credit: Facebook


4.) Jill Nicolini

Where You Can See Her: WPIX 11 - New York, NY

Suggested By: Jackie

Why We Like Her: After trying her luck on a number of reality shows and winning the Miss Long Island Pageant in 2002, Jill joined the WPIX news team in 2004. She has also spent time as the arena announcer for the New York Islanders hockey team, and is currently working towards getting her pilot’s license. Did we mention she also appeared in Playboy (very NSFW)?


Photo credit:


3.) Jenni Hogan

Where You Can See Her: KIRO 7 - Seattle, WA

Suggested By: REggieDunlop

Why We Like Her: Jenni hails from Adelaide, Australia, and is currently the morning traffic reporter on KIRO’s morning news program. She is also the #1 most followed local news anchor on twitter.


Photo credit: Jenni


2.) Jamie Shupak

Where You Can See Her: NY1 - New York, NY

Suggested By: tmronin

Why We Like Her: Jamie is NY1's first traffic reporter. She joined the station in May of 2010. Before that, she covered traffic, weather, and other news items all over the New York tri-state area.


Photo credit: Gothamist

1.) Bob Herzog

Where You Can See Him: WKRC 12 - Cincinnati, OH

Suggested By: Jamie Shupak

Why We Like Him: Bob’s the traffic reporter every morning on Good Morning Cincinnati. He’s been on WKRC since 2005, and every Friday has a segment called Dance Party Friday, the results of which are above. To quote Jamie Shupak, our #2 choice and the person who nominated Bob: “I give you my traffic hero: Mr Dance Party Friday himself, Bob Herzog. Yo VIP, let’s kick it.


Photo credit: YouTube

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