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Who's the hottest TV traffic reporter?

Illustration for article titled Whos the hottest TV traffic reporter?

Have you ever noticed that TV traffic reporters are always female and almost always insanely attractive? We examine this phenomena in QOTD. "Who's the hottest TV traffic reporter?"


Now keep in mind that this isn't a dismissal of other bonafides or the hard work necessary to land an on-air gig at a television station. We're just noting that road-closure reporters also seem to have some additional assets.

My vote is for the Jalopnik hometown hottie. Jamie Shupak from NY1 (third from left). That girl is both hot — in that Jewish-girl-next-door kind of way — down to earth, and she loves cars. (Hell, she reads Jalopnik). What say you, oh connoisseurs of traffic reportage?


The ten hottest TV traffic reporters

Traffic's somehow bearable when you consider that, without it, there'd be no need for the warm smile of the always curiously attractive TV traffic reporter. More »


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