Motorcycle concepts have one wheel each in two worlds: what’s possible, and what’s barely possible. These 10 motorcycle concepts show us what a beautiful thing that can be—which is why some of them were even good enough to become a reality.

10.) Ducati MH900e

Created as a tribute to the Mike Hailwood’s 1978 Isle of Man TT win, the Ducati MH900e had vintage racing bike looks with the performance of the top machines of its time, the late ‘90s and early 2000s.

Thankfully, this concept became real. Before it entered a limited production of 2,000 units, Ducati showed concept sketches to an audience at the Intermot motorcycle trade show, where it was almost immediately a crowd favorite.

Suggested By: UncleWalty, Photo Credit: Klaus Nahr via Wikipedia

9.) Honda Grom Scrambler


Honda and their consumers know the Grom Scrambler wouldn’t be any sort of extreme sport bike, but rather something designed for the riders that want to enjoy themselves without risking their lives at extremely high-speeds. Fun, cute, and probably very affordable.

Let’s make this happen, Honda!


Suggested By: gt9729b, Photo Credit: Honda via Lanesplitter

8.) Husqvarna 401


Similar to the Grom Scramblers above, the Husqvarna 401 concepts were designed with lightweight simple fun in mind, while also channelling a bit of historic motorcycle designs. Though you might not find the usual signs of crazy insane high-tech gadgetry that you’d otherwise see on concept bikes, it’s really not necessary here. By creating these concepts, it proves that Husqy knows exactly what their markets want.

Or does it? It’s been over a year and these still haven’t seen production. Step up your damn game Husqvarna.


Suggested By: Roody, Photo Credit: Piers Spencer-Phillips/Derestricted via Lanesplitter

7.) Akira Bike


This unique concept bike touched the hearts of Akira anime fans everywhere. With radar systems, laser lights, and a “cold superconducting generator” as its main power source, the bike wasn’t exactly real, but it wasn’t seriously out of this realm of reality either. Just look at how comfortable that seating position looks!

Everyone wants an Akira bike. Someone should just make the damn thing already.


Suggested By: Justin Hughes, Photo Credit: via Kotaku

6.) Motoczysz C1


The Motoczysz C1 carriers the appearance of a somewhat normal sport bike, but oh it is not that. Reader KSUENGINEER can explain.

The Motoczysz C1 was an American built MotoGP “Prototype/Concept/etc.” The unique part of this motorcycle was the 990cc counter-revolution engine. It was designed so the rider going into high speed turns does not have to fight the gyroscopic and torque effects from the engine. The idea was to make every turn easier and faster for the rider. Unfortunately, in 2007 the MotoGP rules changed it’s displacement limits to 800cc. The company was ran on a shoe string budget, and eventually fell victim to it’s lack of funding. There is a documentary out there about it called “Birth of a Racer.” It was a phenomenal concept and work of engineering.

Suggested By: KSUENGINEER, Photo Credit: Motoczysz

5.) Lotus C-01


As a straight-line bike, the Lotus C-01 does alright. It has a 200 horsepower V-twin and high-performance brakes. As a magnificent thing to just stare and look at? The Lotus C-01 is out of this world.

Whether in the modern black/gold Lotus F1 styled paint scheme, the Lotus British Racing Green, or sexy as hell Martini livery, this thing will transform the asphalt it touches. Can someone please put a catch can under my mouth because I can’t stop salivating and my feet are getting very wet oh god.

Once again, another great concept that saw limited production. I’m glad about that.


Suggested By: As Du Volant, Photo Credit: Lotus via Jalopnik

4.) Honda Motor Compo


A modern incarnation of its ancestor, the original Honda Motocompo, and a very neat one at that. Still extremely stowable and transportable, but this time powered by the this crazy thing called electricity! Also, it had some sort of iPhone-like gauge device thing up between its mirrors. Because why not.

Suggested By: Crossdrilled, Photo Credit: Honda

3.) Ecosse ES1 Spirit


By limiting drag, increasing power, and manipulating the physics of weight distribution, former Formula 1 engineers had planned to make the ES1 the best sport bike ever. Their aim was to reduce the amount of drag from similarly designed sport bikes by 50 percent and cut weight by making the design frameless.

Slightly less crazy, this great magical bike from the future (actually past) was to be powered by a transversely mounted inline-four engine, producing over 200 horsepower. Sadly, it never happened.


Suggested By: ThatbastardKurtis, Photo Credit: Ekerdesign via motorcyclenews

2.) Yamaha Motobot


Are you ready for the robot takeover? Yamaha is. They brought their motorcycle-riding robot to the Tokyo Motor Show this year and allowed it to rip around on a R1M Sportbike to show off all its sweet moves. If that’s not impressive/spine-chilling enough, just wait till you hear how Motobot feels about his sworn enemy, MotoGP superstar Valentino Rossi.

I am improving my skills every day but I am not sure I could even beat the five-year-old you. Perhaps if I learn everything about you, I will be able to catch up...

I am not human, but there has to be something only I am capable of.

I am MOTOBOT. I was created to surpass you.


Suggested By: Brian Silvestro, Photo Credit: Yamaha via Lanesplitter

1.) Suzuki Falcorustyco


With the Falcorustyco, Suzuki claimed that all their crazy technology involved would be completely normal finds in sport bikes ten years down the road. Guess what? They weren’t. That’s because the Falcorustyco was supposed to be comprised of things like electromagnet-actuated brakes, hydraulic pump two-wheel drive, and a frameless construction. Not exactly easily feasible technical feats.

Overall, it’s still an incredibly beautiful design. And is that felt I’m spotting on the seat cover? Nice. Real nice.


Suggested By: Ceptor800, Photo Credit: Suzuki

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