The Ten Cheapest Cars Ever Sold

The cheapest car on sale in the US today is the Nissan Versa at $12,780. That's a good deal, but the following ten were even cheaper when they hit the market. These are budget cars at their best.

All of the prices listed are adjusted for inflation and listed in 2013 dollars.

10.) Morris Minor


You could have it for: $12,500

The Morris was cheap, but not that cheap. What's remarkable about that price is that when the bean counters actually looked into the numbers after the merger into British Leyland was complete in 1968, they realized BMC lost 9 pounds ($168 today) on every car they sold.

That's sort of okay if the product in question is a halo car like the Lexus LFA or the Bugatti Veyron, but not quite right for a mass-produced economy car.


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9.) Daihatsu Ayla


You can have it for: $6,386

Indonesians need some cheap transportation. What's known elsewhere as the Toyota Agya is exactly that, powered by a 1.0-liter 3-cylinder with an automatic shifter as an option. No thrills in sight.


Suggested By: Aya, Now Dates a Honda Fit, Photo Credit: Daithatsu


8.) Fiat 500 Topolino


You could have it for: $5,434

This was the car from, during and until a decade after WW2 for the Italian masses. They sold 520,000.


The following 500 was even more popular...

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7.) Peel P50


You could have it for: $4,420

The greatest city car on the planet.

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6.) Ford Model T


You could have it for: $3,895

In 1923, you could have it in any color as long as it was black.

Suggested By: My X-type is too a real Jaguar, Photo Credit: Getty Images

5.) Zaporozhec


You could have it for: $3,551

Or you could keep your money and enjoy a careful life a little longer.

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4.) Eshelman ASC


You could have it for: $3,455

Hey, it seats two!

The 1953 Eshelman Model 2 "Adult Sport Car" (ASC) for one adult, which featured the three-horsepower Briggs & Stratton #8 engine, battery-operated head and tail lamps, seat-cushion upholstery, and trademark chrome "rocket" emblems on its flanks.

Top speed: 25 mph.

It didn't offer much legroom.

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3.) Banner Boy Buckboard


You could have it for: $3,152

The Ariel Atom of the time.

Suggested By: Green Pig, Photo Credit: Justacarguy


2.) Tata Nano


You can have it for: $2,598

The "world's cheapest car" is only a second on this list. That's how thorough we are.


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1.) 2007 Kias

You could have it for: free as long as you bought a model-year 2008 Kia.

Subaru used to do the same deal with the tiny Subaru 360 back in the day, but Kia trying it in the US only six years ago was quite remarkable.


Suggested By: Takuro Spirit - Trans cAMry


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