The Ten Best Ways To Become A More Courteous Driver

There are all kinds of lessons you can read on how to be a better trackday driver, or how to become a pro drifter, or how to enter local rallies. But here's something you could actually use: how to make your highway commute a little more bearable.

10.) Save The Left Lane For Passing


I know you like looking out at clear highway in front of you. I know you think that it's fine to go five over the limit when you're camped in the left lane. But there are half a dozen cars behind you and they're gonna have to pass you on the right.

Stick to the right and save the left lane for passing, particularly if you're in a state that will ticket you if you don't. The above map should help.

Suggested By: Shane Elliot, Photo Credit: MIT, August Chronicle, NHTSA


9.) Zipper Merge


Here's a simple primer on the most efficient way to merge when approaching construction or any abrupt lane closure, the Zipper Merge. Don't slow way down. Merge in at a good speed, do it as late as you can, and you'll help prevent traffic jams.

Suggested By: Oliver, Photo Credit: Daniel Oines

8.) Look Further Down The Road


When you look farther ahead of you, you see cars changing lanes earlier, you see your exit coming up earlier, you see accidents happening earlier. It's a little trick that means fewer surprises for you, more time to react, and less drama behind the wheel for everyone involved.

Suggested By: The Scrambler, Photo Credit: CountryLemonade

7.) Keep A Gap To The Car In Front


This one goes right along with looking further ahead — if you leave more space between you and the car in front, it gives you have more time to react to sudden changes. What's more, leaving a good gap in front of you lets you smooth out the stop-and-go of bumper-to-bumper traffic.

Suggested By: teampenske3, Photo Credit: CountryLemonade

6.) Don't Rubberneck


If someone is on the side of the road and doesn't need your help, give them space and don't slow down to stare. That sets off a traffic jam much bigger than you realize.


Suggested By: MixItUp, Photo Credit:

5.) Turn Off Your High Beams


Do you like getting blinded by oncoming cars with their brights on? No, you do not. So don't do it to other people.

Suggested By: stevethecurse, Photo Credit: Christian Fronseco

4.) Don't Give Up Your Right Of Way

You might think you're being courteous by letting someone else go ahead of you on the street or at a stop sign. Actually, you're disrupting the flow of traffic and slowing everyone down.


Suggested By: ReverendDexter

3.) Blink Your Hazard Lights As Thanks


Truckers do this all the time. Blink as thanks for someone letting you in, blink to let someone know they have room to change lanes. It's like a thank you wave, only more visible.

Suggested By: Alex87f, Photo Credit: Getty Images

2.) Use Your Turn Signals, Dammit


Reader Iamopenlyjudgingyou says it best:

Use turn signals as if you were being followed by traffic cop trying to meet their quota.


Suggested By: Iamopenlyjudgingyou, Photo Credit: Audi/Jalopnik


1.) Budget More Time For Your Commute


Give yourself more time and suddenly you don't mind so much about getting cut off, you don't rush to cut off other drivers, and you don't spend your whole life wishing you were farther up the road.

Suggested By: POD, Photo Credit: CountryLemonade

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