Now, all you have to do is use them while blasting down the Autobahn at a limited top speed of 155 mph.

Debuting at the Frankfurt Motor Show next month, the upgraded A8's turn signals will turn your garage into a '80s disco by using 18 LEDs arranged in a strip (subdivided into seven blocks) in the headlamps, and 24 in eight segments in the tail lights.

These sequential indicators are flashing with the blocks sequentially activated at 20 millisecond intervals, from the inside outwards in the desired turning direction. After 150 milliseconds, all segments are bright; for another 250 milliseconds they illuminate with full intensity. Afterwards, the turn signals go dark before repeating the lighting sequence.


The rest of the lamps is full of cutting edge LED technology too, which Audi calls the "Matrix LED". Expect a very bright future.

Photo credit: Audi and 20th Century Fox.