The Sultan Of Brunei's Old, Junky Ferrari F50 Can Be Yours

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OK, so it's neither that or old or that junky. But you can still buy it, and it's right-hand drive — one of just two F50s made that way. Is there something wrong with this? You decide!

Rarer than an F40 or an Enzo. More Sultan-y than all those lame, left-hand-drive F50s littering your street. Red as the day is long. With just over 4000 miles on the clock, this beautiful baby can be yours! Price on appointment! Famously undervalued! A Formula 1 car for the road, built by people who probably know how to build such things! Gawd gawd gawd, the drama!


Or, you know, it's a really rare supercar once owned and barely driven by a man who has more cars than I have red blood cells. I understand few things, including the allure of owning a vehicle that never gets used. Me, I'd be happy just to drive one of these suckers down the street*.

*Ahem. Potential owners: Operators are standing by. You know where my email address lives. Want a free T-shirt?