The Sultan Of Brunei's Old, Junky Ferrari F50 Can Be Yours

Illustration for article titled The Sultan Of Brunei's Old, Junky Ferrari F50 Can Be Yours

OK, so it's neither that or old or that junky. But you can still buy it, and it's right-hand drive — one of just two F50s made that way. Is there something wrong with this? You decide!

Rarer than an F40 or an Enzo. More Sultan-y than all those lame, left-hand-drive F50s littering your street. Red as the day is long. With just over 4000 miles on the clock, this beautiful baby can be yours! Price on appointment! Famously undervalued! A Formula 1 car for the road, built by people who probably know how to build such things! Gawd gawd gawd, the drama!


Or, you know, it's a really rare supercar once owned and barely driven by a man who has more cars than I have red blood cells. I understand few things, including the allure of owning a vehicle that never gets used. Me, I'd be happy just to drive one of these suckers down the street*.

*Ahem. Potential owners: Operators are standing by. You know where my email address lives. Want a free T-shirt?



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Wait a second. The plaque by this car said it was the Sultan's old car? I saw it three weeks ago. But it was left hand drive.