The Subaru Viziv Adrenaline Concept Brings a Crazy Supercar Show Down to Earth

While other automakers are displaying 1,900 horsepower electric supercars and off-roading “hyper SUVs” at the Geneva Motor Show this week, Subaru brought something a little more modest. Last month Subaru teased a dimly lit crossover and now that concept has seen the light of day as the Subaru Viziv Adrenaline concept. It may not be a million-dollar hyper-super-mega vehicle, but it’s the kind of car that is guaranteed to bring in the ducats.

This Subie is bigger and beefier than previous designs, keeping with the company’s new “Bolder” design philosophy (yes, they actually call it that.)


Although past Viziv concepts like the Viziv Performance concept and Viziv-7 concept have rolled into the world with sharp, bold styling only for Subaru to build cars that look like, well, Subarus, perhaps this concept is the first step towards adding stronger cues to their lineup.

You’ll find LED lighting on both the front and rear as well as large plastic bumpers, with the front bodywork actually wrapping upwards towards the headlights to protect the face from all that rough country you’ll definitely be climbing through. The roof is silver and has what looks like proto wings on it. While two-toned CUVs, like the CH-R, are becoming popular, this three-tone look is a bit too busy for my tastes.

There’s no word on any of the fun interior bits, like horsepower or torque, since this is a design project for the company. The size and styling of the Viziv Adrenaline hint that this could possibly be the look of the next Crosstrek, the current generation of which debuted at the Geneva Motor Show two years back.


Another crossover on the scene may not send your heart racing, but the idea of a refreshed Crosstrek is a bit thrilling. The current Crosstrek sits in the perfect spot as the kind of CUV that isn’t really tough enough to handle everything you throw at it, but is great for handling what most need it for—hauling kids and stuff and dealing with occasionally crappy weather. It has enough ground clearance to make it down the two-track the family cabin on weekends, but is a comfortable enough ride to get everyone there happy.

In other words, the kind of car that is selling like gangbusters in the States right now. Subaru has seen record sales in the U.S., and this would be just another feather in Subaru’s well-plumed CUV hat.

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