The Story Of Why Porsche Ditched The Manual And Toyota Kept It

Today I wondered why the new Corolla is getting a three pedal option and the Porsche GT3 and Turbo aren't. Now I finally know the secret.


HammerheadFistpunch seemed to have everything explained.

Corolla driver - Notice the smile, the youth and the zest for life!

GT3 driver - notice the solemnity and visage of a soul crushed by the mighty weight of his stature...

Are we surprised Porsche doesn't offer a stick where Toyota does? I'm not.

Smoak on the Water revealed the true story explaining everything farther down in the thread.


Easy explanation - the older man is currently going through his second divorce. He cheated on his first wife oh-so-many years ago, and he swore he'd never make that mistake again. He met a woman almost 20 years his junior at a company picnic - Cheryl, in Accounts Receivable. Fresh out of a state college she attended on a field hockey scholarship, a smattering of freckles, and a penchant for wearing sundresses, she flirted with the experienced, yet still youthful man. Though he swore to remain single, her joyful smile and life-reaffirming cleavage roped him into a whirlwind relationship which culminated in a small, private ceremony in a courthouse in Culver City. Through his lust, he forgot to even think about a prenup, even though he was - even post-first-divorce - fairly well off. The marriage was going along well enough, until the day after California's Community Property 50/50 divorce laws kicked in, and Cheryl served him with papers. Though he'd been faithful throughout this marriage, she cited "irreconcilable differences" after HE caught her in flagrante with the couple's pool boy on their guest house's new waterbed. Even though HE did nothing wrong, he is about to lose the beach house in Redondo; she'll keep the Mercedes even though he paid for it, he'll have to sell his stock futures with that biogen startup in California just to pay for the lawyers who will attempt to keep him in his Stone Canyon home where his whore wife cheated on him. The Porsche is literally all he'll have left, because Cheryl only drove manual transmissions.

The younger man pictured on top is a pool boy from Reseda who finger-blasted a 38 year old married broad in some guest house up in the Hills who is about to make BANK in a divorce settlement, and she bought him a new Corolla as a thank you for getting her out of the marriage.


Toyota and Porsche must have had this all figured out. They really know their target market. Well done. Well done.

Photo Credit: Toyota

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