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The Stars Might Be Aligning For Porsche’s Return To F1

Could Ferrari, McLaren and Aston Martin have a new competitor on the Formula 1 grid?

We may earn a commission from links on this page.
Porsche raced at the Dutch Grand Prix in 1961.
Porsche raced at the Dutch Grand Prix in 1961.
Photo: Michael Hardy / Stringer (Getty Images)

Another week, another rumbling of the imminent return of Porsche to Formula 1. But this time, it looks like the stars might be aligning for Porsche’s return to the paddock.

Rumors of the German supercar maker dipping its toes back into the waters of F1 have been circulating for years. Now, a mixup of the engine regulations in 2025 could entice the brand back onto the track.


Despite having a competitive Formula E team, Porsche now believes that if F1 can up its eco credentials, a move into the racing series could be on the cards.

According to, Porsche ​​vice-president of motorsport, Thomas Laudenbach, says the conditions it needs to join F1 could be “now coming true”.


Laudenback is reported to have told select media:

“It’s not a secret that we are thinking about [F1]. It’s not a secret we are talking to the FIA and it’s not a secret that we are, let’s say, seriously considering it. But there is no decision made yet.

“From what I know, a lot of things are going to the right direction concerning Formula 1 - how important is the electrification or the electric part of the powertrain.

“We would like to see more standard parts in the engine, the freedom of electric parts.

“Yes, many of the factors that I mentioned from what we know, they might be coming true.”

The Porsche Formula E car on a race track
Porsche raced in the all-electric Formula E series for the series’ last two seasons.
Photo: Hector Vivas / Stringer (Getty Images)

While engine regulations are now frozen until 2025, F1 and its teams are in the process of developing the next set of rules for the motors that will power its cars into the future.


In order to remain relevant in an increasingly climate-conscious world, F1 is eyeing an increased emphasis on hybrid power, electrification and the use of more sustainable fuel sources.

But, as the landscape currently lies, F1 could not become a fully electric racing series. This is because Formula E and its founder Alejandro Agag, have the exclusive rights to an all-electric FIA single-seat racing series.


So, until such a deal comes to an end, F1 will have to draw its power from hybrid sources.

If hybridization can entice Porsche back to the paddock, that would be a welcome sight among F1 fans. The prospect of any new engine manufacturer or team entering the fray is an exciting one.


We recently lost almost all hope of an Andretti-backed move into F1 when a deal to purchase the Sauber F1 team fell through, and at the end of this season we once again lose Honda from the sport.

The last new team to join Formula 1 was Haas in 2016, and without a pickup in fortunes for the all-American squad, its future on the grid could also be in doubt. Unless Papa Mazepin is happy to keep shelling out for his son to continue hanging (or spinning) around at the back of the pack.


So this Porsche return seems like the new hot topic for F1 fans, especially those eager to see new faces in the sport. Even if it is a topic we’ve discussed for years now.