Did You Work For The Rich Energy Haas F1 Team In 2019? We Want To Talk

We're studying the Rich Energy saga, and we want the insider's perspective.

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Photo: Bryn Lennon (Getty Images)

Did you work for the Rich Energy Haas Formula One team during the 2019 season? We would love to chat with you for a book.

As some of you might know, Jalopnik alum and former colleague of mine Alanis King and I are writing a book on the rise and fall of Rich Energy within (and outside of) Formula One. We’ve been following the story since the Rich Energy sponsorship first hit the scene in 2019. We were fascinated by a brand that seemed to have a slightly questionable existence, including the fact that it had somehow become a title sponsor for a Formula One team. And we continued to be fascinated as the story unfolded into an extremely chaotic mess unlike anything F1 had ever seen before.


Of course we wanted to write a book about that.

Our initial research has long been completed and fact checked; now, we’re looking to talk to people involved with the F1 side of things in any capacity in the hope that it’ll help us fill in some blanks, put together some puzzle pieces, and flesh out the story with some color.


If you worked for the team, let’s chat.

Alanis and I are offering full anonymity for anyone who doesn’t want to risk being identified. That includes using general descriptors to describe you or even simply using your chat to corroborate other conversations we’ve had with other folks. We’re happy to accommodate — we just want to make sure that everything we publish can be fact checked or corroborated. After all, we’re dealing with a company that’s been a little less than straightforward about its business.


If that sounds like you, send us an email at richenergybook@gmail.com. Either myself or Alanis will get back to you to schedule a chat at a time that works for you.