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The Sound Of The Dodge Challenger Hellcat Will Make You Eat Your Ears

They clearly don't call it a "Hellcat" for no reason at all. The Dodge Challenger Hellcat sounds like Satan's pet feline decided it was going to gargle all the engines in the world, boiled in acid, and then scream out the resulting mix. It sounds scary.


I'm not sure I've heard any other car sound this raw, this powerful, this manic, this completely, positively juiced, in a long, long time. It's the kind of thing that would make children cry and their Brooklyn mothers send daggers your way. It doesn't belong in civilized society, and it doesn't belong near anything with a weak constitution.


In short, it's amazing.

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I love Jalopnik's standing policy of saving all the most gloriously hyperbolic headlines for exhaust video posts.

"The Sound of The Pagani Huayra Will Make Your Genitals Explode and Also The Spirits of Your Dead Ancestors Will Explode Too"

"The Ferrari LaFerrari Sounds Like a Giant Robot Monster Chain-Sawing Itself To Death While Playing Opera Through A Massive Set of Bluetooth Speakers Mounted In Its Chest"

"Listen To This Koenigsegg As It Murders Everyone You Have Ever Loved"

"A Camaro Z/28 At Redline Will Break Off Its Foot In Your Ass, Along With A Significant Portion of the Riiser-Larsen Antarctic Ice Shelf"