Snow is sort of like dirt right? Anyone with a dirtbike who lives somewhere it snows has wondered if there was a way to ride their bike in the snow, and now that dream is finally a reality.

It’s all thanks to a little company from Idaho called Timbersled, although they were recently purchased by Polaris, who’s motto is “terrain domination.” For those of you who don’t know the Polaris name, they also own Indian Motorcycles, Victory Motorcycles, Slingshot, RZR, and a Snowmobile line. I like where this is headed.

Timbersled sell three different kits, allowing you to customize your ride for your local conditions. They also sell a variety of other performance mods to help further prepare your bike for riding on the snow.

So, what do you do if you’re Polaris and you just bought an awesome little company that makes every little kid who lives in the snow’s dreams come true? Why not team up with Red Bull and put Freestyle Motocross legend Ronnie Renner, who won the X-Games Real Moto 15, on one to show what the thing is capable of. Sounds like a plan to me.


Anyone live near Ponderay Idaho and see these things around? I can’t decide if I think the learning curve would be really hard or really easy, but I’m pretty sure I need to find out.

Terrain domination indeed.

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