You Just Missed The Coolest Motorcycle Riding Competition, And It All Went Down Online

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Real Moto 2015 is a video-only, free riding category in this year’s X Games. If the idea of a video-only category bothers you, realize that it’s both 2015 and that, by definition, free riding doesn’t happen in massive arenas or designed courses. I too was skeptical, until I hit play...

The rules were simple. Make a video that sticks with the theme “freeride motocross,” keep it at 90 seconds, and be awesome. That’s it. The lack of guidance in the rules is evident in the submissions, with guys like Wes Agee and Mike Mason submitting fairly straightforward motocross video parts, while Drake McElroy chose to wheelie through San Francisco instead. People voted online but the judges selected who got the medals.

The contest actually ended Monday, so some of the story is spoiled by knowing who the winners are, but each of these videos is worth a look (plus, I hadn’t been hired yet when this contest went up, but I still want you to see it).


Ronnie Renner - Gold Medal and 30.38 percent of the fan vote

Ronnie’s video is tied for my favorite of the bunch, both because Renner is a madman on a motocross bike, and because the locations he used are simply unmatched. The sand dune footage at the 1:00 minute mark is gorgeous, and I thought I’d seen his best jumping off those rocks at 1:05, but then the gorge run came at 1:15 and I forgot for a second I wasn’t watching a Travis Rice snowboard video.

Jeremy “Twitch” Stenberg - Silver Medal and 39.12 percent of the fan vote

Things I love about this video: 1.) that Twitch has not and will never change his style. 2) while clearly not being the best video, Twitch is still popular enough to win the fan vote by a longshot. 3.) HOLY SHIT, HIS STYLE IS UNREAL.


I know I’m going to get shat on for saying this (especially after everyone whined about my saying “or nah”) but us young whippersnappers call that steaze, and my man Stitch is dripping with it. The jumps at 0:25, 0:43, and 0:47 are the most stylish thing I’ve ever seen done on two wheels, and reflect a level of skill and comfort few guys can claim.

Drake McElroy - Bronze Medal and 18.83 percent of the fan vote

If I could steal one person’s motorcycle riding abilities and persona, it would be Drake McElroy.


He doesn’t jump the highest, ride the fastest. and has never been accused of being the best - but he always just looks like he’s having so much fun. No one captured the idea of “free riding” better than DMC, and each new scene just felt like an unexpected gift. If any video was going to be 10 minutes long instead of two, this is the one I would want.

Wes Agee - 6.94 percent of the fan vote

Wes’s video, and his use of helicopters, slow-mo, and beautiful locations are top notch, but this video just didn’t make me feel as much as the others. I wish more of the video would have been like the intro or the Utah section at 0:50, but the end of the video felt sort of lackluster for me.


Mike Mason - 4.73 percent of the fan vote

Mike Mason is incredibly fast, but this video wasn’t nearly special enough given its inclusion in the competition, and felt like a random YouTube clip next to the other entries.


Which video was your favorite? Why is a naked dude on a motorcycle always funny? Who else is pissed Robbie Maddison didn’t get the call for an entry? Who thinks it’s because it wouldn’t be fair to everyone else?