All The Secrets Of The Sultan Of Brunei's Modified Ferrari F40s

All 1,315 Ferrari F40s left the factory as left-hand drive cars with a Rosso Corsa paint job. Or at least that's what Ferrari told the public back in the day. But the Sultan of Brunei got a few with more changes than just the steering wheel.

Let me start by telling you that I'm not sure about the exact numbers when it comes to the Sultan's F40s. Most people, including Ferrari experts Talacrest, think that he had seven right-hand drive cars, because Pininfarina only took the conversion gig if he ordered at least six, so he went with seven because he was unbelievably wealthy.


Others believe he had 10 RHD F40s altogether (80756 Dark Green, 78426 Yellow, 94759 Red, 85074 Anthracite, 91238 Black, 92235 Red, 87455 White, 89431 Black, 90680 Silver, 91283 Gun Metal Grey), 1 of the black ones being an F40 LM with a black leather interior, red piping, air conditioning and power windows, luxury equipment that completely defeats the whole purpose of an LM.

What I do know for sure is that at least two of the Brunei F40s (and an F50) ended up in the UK a few years ago. Meet 91283, the 1992 Gun Metal Grey car with the red pinstripe:

It's super badass, I know, but there's much more to it.

Ferrari offered buyers a choice of three seats with the F40. Depending on the size of your ass, you could go with slim, medium or wide fit buckets. His Majesty Hassanal Bolkiah is not a large man by any standard, but thought was apparently that the F40's racing seats are too uncomfortable. Not that he was ever going to drive his cars.


His solution was simple, yet rather disrespectful nod to the engineering department. He wanted the F40s with the Testarossa's interior. Ferrari looked the other way, and Pininfarina set to work.


Two decades later, F40 experts DK Engineering spent about $160K converting the Sultan's Gun Metal car back to original spec keeping the RHD configuration but using LM seats and zero percent real leather. Today, 91283 is a Rosso Corsa car just like Ferrari intended.

Talacrest also sold the Sultan's 1988 RHD F40, 78426 with the Giallo Modena paint and 650 horsepower. Some say it was tuned by Michelotto. I guess after those, his RHD 1996 1,200 mile F50 was just the icing on the cake.


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Photo credit: Talacrest. Hat tip to DK Engineering and Ferrari Chat!

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