We've established how awesome and carefully chosen the cars from Breaking Bad are. Now, as the series draws to a close (sad face!), you have the chance to own one of its more notable cars. The money will go to a great cause, too.

Earlier this year we reported that the plucky 1983 Toyota Tercel 4WD hatchback driven by Jesse Pinkman on the show would be offered up for sale by a wholesaler in Albuquerque. At the time, Mike Faris Auto Wholesale said the car wouldn't be sold until the show's run had ended.


It looks like the sale is happening a bit sooner than expected, because it's up for grabs on eBay right now. As of this writing, it's got eight days to go and the current bid is just $2,500.

Here's what they say in the ad:

Mike Faris Auto Wholesale selling the 1983 Toyota Tercel used in the hit television program "Breaking Bad". This car was used by character "Jesse Pinkman" and apprars numerous times throughout the series including the first episode of the final season. This vehicle has not been altered or changed since it was returned by the production company. A portion of the proceeds will be given to a non-profit program for use in drug treatment program. We do have provenance to prove the use of this vehicle is one of two used in the production of "Breaking Bad". The other vehicle is being retained by the production company.


Normally I would say that an '83 Tercel with 200,000 miles on the clock is worth... oh, I don't know, the cost of a nice lunch somewhere. But this is Jesse Pinkman's car! It's amazing! And some of the money will go toward helping drug addicts. Someone needs to buy this and give it a good home.

I can't wait to see how much it goes for in the end. Any guesses?

Hat tip to Scott!