How Much Would You Pay For Jesse Pinkman's 'Breaking Bad' Toyota Tercel?

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Great news, die hard Breaking Bad aficionados. The 1984 Toyota Tercel driven by plucky meth cooker Jesse Pinkman can be yours, provided you're willing to take a trip to New Mexico.


The actual car used during the show's production is purportedly for sale at Mike Faris Auto Wholesale in Albuquerque. Normally, a Tercel of this vintage would probably go for less than a grand, you can expect this one to go for quite a bit more. Like all of the cars on Breaking Bad, it has a ton of character, even if it's not an RV you can cook meth in.

TMZ reports that salesman Mike Faris is forbidden by Sony Pictures from selling the Tercel until the final episode of the show airs this summer. After then, it's up for grabs, and people are already making offers on it. Check out more photos of the Tercel on their Facebook page, yo.


So how much would you pay for Jesse Pinkman's Tercel?

Hat tip to Sean!

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Do want.

But, If I could pick any non-new car from the show, It'd be Fring's Volvo.