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The Porsche Girls: Six Models To Unveil One Car

Illustration for article titled The Porsche Girls: Six Models To Unveil One Car

Porsche wowed the motoring press today by using six separate models to unveil the Cayman R, one for each of the last six decades. We're hoping the Porsche Girls continue to make appearances. Especially the 1950s version.


The Porsche Cayman R already takes us from six-to-midnight with its lighweight, stickshifted 330 hp. So why the girls? Why the hell not? They had each girl pull a cover off the Cayman R in livery indicating the decade and then dressed her up as if she was still in that time period.


They did such a good job, they made new Porsche CEO Matthias Muller blush and attracted not one, but three different Jalopnik Floor Reporters.

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So even at car shows, Porsche can't resist having multiple models that all do the same thing?