Porsche Cayman R: Faster, Lighter, And Still With A Stick

The new Porsche Cayman R is 121 lb lighter and has ten more horses than the Cayman S. It's the perfect Cayman for those who think it needed just a touch more power and a touch less weight.

OK, so we were right that Porsche would unveil a new Cayman here at the LA Auto Show. But we were a little off on the name.


But so what if Porsche decided not to call it the Clubsport? The name doesn't matter. What does matter is that the guy down the hall from your office in GoldmanSaxFifthAvenue's going to be able to one-up you unless you buy the new Cayman first.

And we wouldn't want that. So let's hear the stats.

The new coupé's powered by a tuned-up 3.4-liter six-cylinder engine developing 330 hp. In the standard configuration it transmits its power to the rear wheels via a six-speed manual gearbox that propels the car from 0 to 100 km/h (62 mph) in 5.0 seconds. The new mid-engine coupé is capable of a top speed of 282 km/h (175 mph) with manual gearbox, or 280 km/h (174 mph) with PDK.

Well, so what if it's another variant, at least it's a Cayman and not another 997-based Porsche 911.

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Sorry Porsche, but BMW already made this promo video and they did a better job of it, too: [www.youtube.com]

Perhaps you could "borrow" their marketing and video production folks next time?

That aside, cool it's cool that Porsche is giving the Cayman lineup some love.