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What, eh? Me, eh? You calling me a hoser? No, you're the hoser, for sure, eh? One of the reasons so many of the FWD cars are still alive and contending is an effort at Thunderhill to discourage kamikaze-style driving techniques. As a result, cars are getting busted! Remember the white Volvo 740 wagon that was terrorizing the track this morning? 4 hours in the box. And the driver had the cojones to act shocked. But as we all know, misery absolutely loves company.


Joining the #04 Volvo is the #99 Alfa Ecurie Ecrappe with a 1/2 hour penalty for hitting the tires. Our buddies in the #38 Nissan SE-R also got half an hour (and almost lost the right side of the car) for hitting the tires. The blue and orange #39 Volvo 242 is out for we're not sure how long. Why? Constantly spinning in circles. The #71 Ford SHO got an hour and a half for smashing into the green Neon. And we're not sure what they did, but the #666 Honda Civic is having itself a little timeout, too. The #98 BMW 5-Series got nailed for honking at, flipping off and then passing a civilian WRX in the pits. D'ohoser!

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