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We is back. Murilee's laptop just ate his hard drive. But he's doing a lot better than some of the teams. I say some, as shockingly, most of the LeMons are back on the track continuing the mega-hoonage. From what we saw, Mazdasaurus Wrecks has pulled the governor from its F1-sounding engine and is gaining a quarter lap on the competition per lap. That thing is just straight up going for it. Interestingly, this morning's menace appears to be none other than the white and orange Volvo 740 wagon.


Also running hard is last night's leader, Red Meat and Poontang! Godspeed, brothers. The 1965 Mercedes-Benz 190 is still going strong, and the hoodless 280Z is back out there as well. We spoke briefly with the head Z wrench and he said that the pile up last night broke the rotor in the distributor. They would have been back out last night if not for that. Oh, and there is a green Dodge Neon that just passed the Rockford Pile. We must investigate.

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