The Parnelli Jones Saleen Mustang: Yeah, We've Got an East Bay Punk Ref for This One, Too

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Back in 1996, we were in a band with noted off-road guru (and Parnelli Jones' Baja co-winner) Bill Stroppe's grandson. Actually, it wasn't much of a band. It was just the two of us in a hallway in the performing arts building at Saint Mary's bashing out Jawbreaker cult classics and punk-kid mixtape staples like "Ache," "The Boat Dreams From the Hill" and "Sea Foam Green," the latter of which Jawbreaker frontman Blake Schwarzenbach himself explained to us how to play properly. Predictibly, the rock unit imploded when the two of us eventually had a bust-up over a girl.

But we did play one show in front of the school with a quickly-enlisted bassist. We embarassingly aped Schwarzenbach's then-propensity for Sharpie-ing the setlist onto his arm (which consisted of roughly two-thirds his songs). Due to our Irishness, we predictably still had the setlist sunburned into said arm when we went to go see Jawbreaker in Petaluma a week later (who knew Sharpies also worked as sunscreen? They're a miracle on so many fronts!) We said hello to Blake with our arm behind our back. Looking back, we think it was kind of a cute tribute, in a dorky, twenty-year-old-dorky-fanboy kind of way.


And in a roundabout way, this brings us to Saleen's Parnelli Jones tribute Mustang. Modeled after the man's full-apeshit-on-the-BBC Boss 302 Trans-Am car, the new Parnelli machine cranks out 370hp at six grand from its 302-inch mod motor, features upgraded brakes, Minilite-lookin' wheels and best of all, rear-window louvers, which have totally been calling for a comeback for at least two or three years. Next, Nissan's gotta fit a set to the 350Z or we're gonna get damn grumpy.

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