The Old Top Gear USA Guys Might Be Back On TV Soon After All

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There seems to be pretty strong evidence that TV personality drivers Tanner Foust, Rutledge Wood and Adam Ferrara, who hosted the last American iteration of Top Gear, are be coming back to make another show. Presumably about cars, because what else would they do?


When the American Top Gear USA as we knew it on the History Channel was shut down, Wood seemed to indicate that he and his co-hosts would be looking for another place to entertain us. Now he’s teasing us again this week with a picture of the three guys looking properly heroic standing in front of a, uh, some kind of car concealed by an American flag the size of a semi-truck.

In addition, an inside source with knowledge of the project told Jalopnik that the guys and crew are “developing a new project that takes them all over America featuring more ridiculous automotive adventures”and working with production company Anonymous Content, which in addition to some great movies has done some solidly good non-reality TV shows like Mr. Robot and True Detective. (Well, the first season of True Detective was good, anyway.)

At the same time, with British Top Gear starting to look pretty damn dialed in again, The Grand Tour going strong and a confirmed redux of Top Gear American-style coming at us the “three guys kicking around in cars” TV format is suddenly looking pretty saturated.

Maybe all these dudes should just have an Anchorman-style throwdown to decide the true champion of the witty car-boy banter. Meanwhile, I guess you can vote with your viewership.

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Good, I always liked Tanner and Rut, Adam I could have done without to be honest, he started to grow on me a bit towards the end of the shows run. its a shame, TG USA was cut down just as it was finding its cadence properly.