NĆ¼rburgring records are like Motor Trend Car of the Year awards, but with actual value: Everybody participates, and getting the honor is like a giant promotional banner. Thereā€™s a NĆ¼rburgring record for almost everything, but someā€”like a record for towing a dang trailer the fastestā€”still manage to be surprising.

Yes, there is a record for towing a trailer around the NĆ¼rburgring. No, weā€™re not kidding, please stop looking at us like weā€™re from Mars. Thatā€™s Elon Musk, thank you very much. Oh, now youā€™re googling the record because itā€™s just ā€œtoo weirdā€ for you. Thanks for trusting us. We knew you were a real friend.

Anyway, the all-important winner for the towing record at the ā€˜Ring, for all of you out there who need to know just which car can make you feel like youā€™re on a race track with a giant trailer behind you, was the Porsche Panamera Sport Turismo. Hereā€™s some hilarious footage of the record lap, from German trailer manufacturer Moetefindt:

The end of Moetefindtā€™s video said the Panamera ST did the lap in 12 minutes and six seconds, which is nearly double what the new-but-not-actually-real Porsche 911 GT2 RS did earlier this year. The GT2 RS set the record for fastest street-legal sports car, beating the Lamborghini HuracĆ”n Performante.


And while watching luxury car companies fiercely battle for sports-car bragging rights is so exciting we could almost yawn, records for towing a trailer are way weirder and cooler to watch. Do more of this, automakers, and film it.