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Nissan's addition to the Vision Gran Turismo line, already composed of some of the swoopiest supercars ever to see both real life and virtual life, just debuted. And though they're not confirming it yet, the Nissan Vision Gran Turismo might just be the basis for the next Nissan GT-R.


The Vision Gran Turismo series of vehicles have all been ostensibly created for the Gran Turismo racing games, but a number of them, like the Mercedes AMG Vision Gran Turismo, have made it to physical copies. But the Nissan might be a little more than a video game special.


The always-excellent guys over at Yahoo! Motoramic first obtained this shot, and their source at Nissan says it hints at styling cues coming up in the next generation of Nissan's Godzilla. From the one shot we've seen so far, it's all sharply angular and creased at the rear, flowing into smooth fenders at the front. It's got a stonking big diffuser out back, too, and while that's usually just a bit of high-performance tinsel, in the case of fast Nissans it's anything but.

While we haven't seen a front angle yet, I'm liking what I'm seeing so far. That roof line is a bit squished, but the A-pillar is definitely reminiscent of the current ceiling on the GT-R, and that's always been a distinctive styling highlight. And those protruding taillights are totally going to be a love-it-or-hate-it scenario, but I'm definitely on the side of the former.

The future of Godzilla is MechaGodzilla, and it is amazing.

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