For those of you willing to write the Mini Cooper off as “cute” and “dumb” and “not badass enough,” I invite you to examine the Mini John Cooper Works GP: a special edition variant of the previous R53 and R56 generation Mini Coopers with no backseat, extra track goodies, more power, no automatic option, a bonkers aero kit and much more to make it kick tons of ass. We haven’t seen the GP in a while, but now it’s back in concept form.

Meet the new Mini John Cooper Works GP Concept, due for the Frankfurt Motor Show next week. And look! It’s ridiculous and mean.


Mini says this concept boasts a roll cage, racing seats with a five-point harness, flared wheel arches over 19-inch racing wheels, an all-carbon fiber aero kit, and a shit ton of extra dynamism.

And no, there’s no rear seat. As it should be.

There’s no word on projected power for this concept, but considering your standard John Cooper Works Mini puts out 228 horsepower from a 2.0-liter turbo four, presumably this has something more like 250 HP or so on tap.


It’s a cool package, and I hope it sees production. The current JCW Coopers are fun, but they could use a little extra edge. This should be it.