This Rear-Engine Hatchback Almost Became The New Mini Cooper

In 1994, BMW made the curious decision to buy Britain's beleaguered Rover Group. It didn't work as well as they had hoped, and in 2000 they dumped all but one of Rover's brands: Mini. That ended up a smash success, but the car almost turned out very differently. » 12/06/13 5:45pm 12/06/13 5:45pm

Unique BMW Mini Prototype Found On Ebay Proves Rover Origins

If you have £1,315 ($2,213) and space to spare for a piece of automotive history, hit Ebay in the next 31 hours and grab yourself this 1998 Mini Cooper prototype shell. It's got a few surprises under the metal. » 12/02/13 10:40am 12/02/13 10:40am

Next Mini Cooper Will Get A Plug-in Hybrid, Spawn 1,000 Other Cars

BMW has ambitious plans for the 2015 Mini Cooper that's set to debut at the Los Angeles Auto Show next month. Maybe "ambitious" isn't the right word; maybe "world domination" is better. » 10/14/13 11:57am 10/14/13 11:57am

Will The Next Mini Cooper Ditch The Huge Center Speedometer?

There's a new Mini Cooper on the horizon, and we're set to see exactly what it will look like in November. Until then, spy photographers in China have snatched the best look at the car's interior to date, and it looks like it may be losing its famous center-mounted speedometer. » 8/14/13 10:15am 8/14/13 10:15am

Mini Coupe And Roadster Might Be Replaced By New Sports Car

The future does not look bright for the two-seat Mini Coupe, which looks like a Mini Cooper wearing a backwards baseball cap for some reason, or its hatless brother the Mini Roadster. Will anyone miss them? I'm thinking they won't. » 8/05/13 3:20pm 8/05/13 3:20pm

Mini Delivers Car That's Missing Parts, Sends Best Apology Note Ever

One of our readers is the proud owner of a 2013 Mini Cooper JCW which, as part of its package of goodies, gets a set of paddle-shifters mounted behind the steering wheel… except Mini forgot to attach them. Their hilarious apology for this oversight blames an overzealous car and the Mayan calendar. » 5/10/13 12:39pm 5/10/13 12:39pm

Mini Realizes They May Have Gone Too Far And Might Start Trimming…

Like their corporate parent BMW, Mini has been on an expansion binge in recent years, adding new cars and SUVs to their lineup as if the automobile itself is somehow on the way out and they need to make as much money as they can before they have to find new jobs. Now they're realizing they may have gone too far. » 4/05/13 12:37pm 4/05/13 12:37pm

Mini Pulls Off World's First Successful Backflip In A Car

When you make energy drinks, it's not enough to just sell them to the general public. You have to sponsor crazy activities so people know you're serious about the energy in your drink. Red Bull has a couple of Formula One teams and once made a guy jump out of a space balloon; now Monster Energy had a rally driver do… » 2/17/13 4:30pm 2/17/13 4:30pm

28 Ladies Crammed Into A 2012 MINI To Claim A Guinness World Record

Have you ever wondered how many people would fit inside a MINI? Me neither, but November 15 being the eighth anniversary of Guinness World Records attaining best-selling copyright book status, people have been doing all sorts of kooky things to gain entry. » 11/16/12 9:30am 11/16/12 9:30am