Comparison Test: Original Mini vs. Original Hummer

I recently had the opportunity to drive an original Mini back-to-back with my original Hummer. This was a very unusual experience, and it felt a lot like that scene in Castaway where Tom Hanks is floating through the ocean on a raft made of sticks until he's rescued by a cargo ship the size of greater Baltimore. » 3/18/15 3:15pm 3/18/15 3:15pm

Evo's Mini Cooper Salute To Best Motoring Is So, So Good

If you're not familiar with Best Motoring, your life is probably shit and I'm sorry for you. For nearly 25 years, the Japanese video magazine gave us track day shootouts of some of the best and most ridiculous cars on the road, a kind of real-life Gran Turismo. » 2/20/15 1:50pm 2/20/15 1:50pm

2014 Mini Cooper S Hardtop: The Jalopnik Review

My favorite driving roads in the Austin area come up after Mopac dead ends into RM 1826 in Hays County. Then you're on some really nice, winding Hill Country roads down by Driftwood, Dripping Springs, and Wimberley. If you've ever heard of or eaten at the Salt Lick, you know what I'm talking about. » 1/20/15 4:00pm 1/20/15 4:00pm

Report: The Mini Paceman Must Die So The Brand May Live

We've been hearing for nearly two years now that BMW's ostensibly small car brand Mini is planning on paring down its huge range to focus on a few strong-selling models. Now it appears that is finally happening, and the casualties are the Mini Paceman, Roadster and Coupe. » 1/07/15 10:32am 1/07/15 10:32am

The Nine Things You Learn Driving Minis At Indianapolis Motor Speedway

In 1961, Jack Brabham paved the way for rear-engined race cars when he finished ninth overall at the Indianapolis 500 against more conventional front-engined racers. The car was a Cooper-Climax T54. It's kind of fitting then that the car that bears the Cooper name today has its driving school at the Indianapolis Motor… » 12/19/14 1:11pm 12/19/14 1:11pm

The 5-Door Mini Cooper S Is Better On A Track Than You Think

It's bigger, but is it better? That's been the big (pardon the size pun, they're hard to avoid) question about the new Mini Cooper S. I think it's better in most ways, but the size increase and that face are kind of bummers. Turns out that even with two more doors, it's still one of the best hot hatches out there. » 12/16/14 10:20pm 12/16/14 10:20pm

Government Assholes Publicly Crushed This Mini For Violating Import Law

Assholes from the U.S. Department of Homeland Security took a break from their busy schedules of snorting coke and having sex with prostitutes in Colombia and fondling children at airports on Thursday long enough to publicly destroy an imported Mini at a New Jersey junkyard. Hey, fuck you guys! » 12/12/14 11:46am 12/12/14 11:46am

2015 Mini John Cooper Works: This Is It

I was kind of holding out for a Mini Cooper with the new BMW M4's twin-turbo 425 horsepower inline six, but that will continue to exist only in my dreams. In the meantime, meet the next generation of Mini John Cooper Works. » 12/10/14 11:20am 12/10/14 11:20am

This Is Why Mini Sales Have Been Disappointing Lately

Despite their preponderance of crazy niche models these days, the bulk of Mini sales have long been comprised mostly of the Cooper and Countryman. So with an all-new 2014 Mini Cooper on sale now, you'd think sales numbers would be great, but they're far from it. » 10/02/14 12:46pm 10/02/14 12:46pm

Mini Could See A Big 'Brand Shake-Up' Soon

More than a year ago, we reported that executives at Mini came to the conclusion that they make too many variants. Even more recently, a board member said their lineup may be trimmed to four or five core cars. Now we have even more evidence of a brand shakeup at Mini, but it's one that could include... um, even… » 9/12/14 10:24am 9/12/14 10:24am

The Original Mini Was A Rock Star Car For Ordinary People

It always amazes me how the original Mini became such a smash success. After all, it began life as a humble economy car, something designed to sip gas and fit anywhere in a crowded city. » 9/09/14 9:00pm 9/09/14 9:00pm

The Greatest Minis Of All Time

On August 26, 1959, the British Motor Corporation released the first Mark I Mini, a humble and yet technologically innovative city car. Who could have guessed that the car would still be in production 55 years later, and one of the biggest four-wheeled cultural phenomenons ever? » 8/27/14 2:50pm 8/27/14 2:50pm

These two crazy Germans just drove a MINI Cooper AROUND THE WORLD

Meet Fritz Fritz Kreis and Thomas Fuerst, two insane Germans who just drove their MINI Cooper east from Heidelberg, Germany to New York City. If you thought that last coast-to-coast trip you took was pretty epic, you have now been officially one-upped… » 8/13/14 8:12am 8/13/14 8:12am

2015 Mini John Cooper Works Reportedly Gets Big Power Bump

Hey, remember the 2014 Mini John Cooper Works Concept unveiled before last Christmas? We haven't heard much from that car in a while. But it's apparently still on, and it's also reportedly getting a pretty nice power bump over the old JCW Cooper. » 7/07/14 3:28pm 7/07/14 3:28pm

The 2015 Mini Cooper '4 Door' Will Start At $22,300

The embiggened Mini Cooper that debuted last night is going to start at $22,300, or $500 for each extra door. Additionally, it will be sold as the Mini 4 door in the US and 5 door everywhere else, according to Mini's press releases. » 6/05/14 12:31pm 6/05/14 12:31pm

2015 Mini Cooper 5 Door: This Is It

When driving around in your Mini Cooper, do you ever find yourself thinking, "This is great, but it needs another set of doors!" What's that, you say? No? Well, too bad. Five doors is what you're getting, and this is it. » 6/04/14 6:32pm 6/04/14 6:32pm

An Animated Guide To Making Your Perfect 2014 Mini Cooper

The 2014 Mini Cooper introduces four new design lines with a long list of matching accessories, which means you can customize your car more than ever before. Here's everything you need to know. » 3/24/14 9:00am 3/24/14 9:00am

The Winners Of 10 Automotive Awards Someone Should Have Handed Out

Automotive awards are so damn boring. I can't remember which car company won the WAPOW or the NECTARINE, and which one had the magazine ad with the trophy in it. I'm too busy with my ADD and this copy of Entertainment Weekly. » 2/07/14 1:40pm 2/07/14 1:40pm