The New Ford Bronco Is Almost Here

Screenshot: Ford
Screenshot: Ford
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The 2020 Ford Bronco will finally debut in the spring of next year, 24 years after the last fifth-generation truck rolled off the assembly line.

I only pointed out the end of production for the previous Bronco because, well, I needed something nice to round off my intro, but also because I’d expect Ford to go with the nice heritage symmetry of introducing the new Bronco in late spring, around the time the old one died.


That could mean June, and it just so happens the first Detroit Auto Show after its move from January to June takes place in 2020, so it’s a safe bet the Bronco will show up there.

We don’t know much about the new Bronco for sure, but we’ve seen what its outline will look like—very boxy. It will likely have a removable top and doors, we think it’s likely going to get the Ford Ranger’s 2.3-liter turbocharged inline four-cylinder engine, at least for the lower trim models, and we heard Ford may have Getrag working on a 7-speed manual gearbox, which would likely be paired with a 2.7-liter V6.

It’s sounding pretty good so far! At least enough to make up for the compromise that will likely be the maybe-Focus-based Baby Bronco crossover that’s also coming soon.

Image: Ford
Image: Ford

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