The New Euro Ford Transit Custom Van Can Swallow A Huge Load

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What you spy here is the still-not-quite-for-Americans cargo twin of the Ford Tourneo Custom shown earlier this year in Geneva. It's for moving stuff. Lots of stuff. Why do you have so much stuff? You must be a hoarder.

Anyone else thinks it looks kind of nautical? Like one of those tiny creatures that live in coral reefs, kill larger fish, and then hide in their bodies waiting for another fish to come up and mate with it. Is that just us?

As we keep mentioning, the U.S. version of the Transit won't look like this. They're going to apparently Americanize the truck out of it (or, rather, the truck into it). Our van should share the same global van platform and replace the beloved but old world E-Series van.

This European version will come in a short wheelbase version and a my-my-the-girls-must-love-you 17-and-a-half long wheelbase configuration. Properly configured you can squeeze 211 square-feet into the back of the van. Let's just say it'll consume 8x4 foot boards like I consume chicken wings (easily and with an almost murderous zeal).

Technologies such as SYNC and rear-view cameras will be offered, as well as lane alert and other stuff someone driving a ginormous van might possibly want.

There's no use in discussing powertrains. Just close your eyes, imagne a too-tough grille on it, and just think of all the mayhem you could get into with that extra space.