The New 600 HP Lancia Stratos Sounds Incredible With a Ferrari V8

Gif: NM2255 Car HD Videos (YouTube)

While the prospect of warping a Ferrari 430 Scuderia under a body designed to look like a modernized Lancia Stratos and charging over $600,000 for it sounds ridiculous, it all begins to make sense seeing and hearing it testing on the dyno.

The wide curve of the tail and the beautifully housed circular taillights are a lovely enough view from the angle in the video, you’re really just here for the satisfying smooth scream of the tuned 600 horsepower 4.3-liter Ferrari V8 flying out of the exhaust.

This thing is finally headed to production, and that’s good news. The last time we checked earlier this year, a dozen people had already signed up to buy this new Stratos, and there will only be 25. Buyers have to show up at the door with an entire existing Ferrari 430 Scuderia and an extra $615,000 to actually make it happen, which seems incredibly expensive.

It’s all a bit silly, but then again, the world is going to hell and we should enjoy silly fast and loud things while we can. If it were me, I’d make sure I couldn’t snag an original Lancia Stratos before diving into one of these new ones though—they seem to be going for just about half the price.


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Drakkon- Most Glorious and Upright Person of Genius

I’ll do it. I’ll be That Guy™ .

That’s a really lame sounding Ferrari V8. Since it’s a Lancia, it should be the V6 from the Quadrifolio anyway, but regardless, something got lost in translation.

Can’t hold a candle to this sound.