Collecting speeding ticket revenue is a big business. According to a new study, some 20 percent of drivers will be ticketed for speeding this year, and revenue from those tickets comes out to something like $6.2 billion. But which cars get nailed the most?


The answer, according to CJ Pony Parts, is the Mercedes-Benz SL (yeah, okay), the Toyota Camry Solara (wait, what?) and the Scion tC (weird!). Crazy, huh?

The Solara surprised me too, but then I remembered we've seen this offender before.

In compiling this infographic, the website examined stats from the U.S. Bureau of Justice Statistics, the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety, Forbes and other sources. They also collected 924 speeding citations were collected from four intersections and two counties to examine which car colors were cited the most. The results are pretty interesting.

You Camry Solara drivers take it easy out there, now! Bunch of hooligans...

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