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The Mopar 'Hellcrate' Is The 707 HP Engine Swap Kit You Demanded

Photo: Fiat Chrysler
Photo: Fiat Chrysler

There’s good news for everyone who’s been prowling Copart for wrecked Dodge Hellcat Chargers and Challengers: Fiat Chrysler’s Mopar division just announced a new 6.2-liter supercharged crate engine kit called “Hellcrate.” Because every car deserves 707 horsepower.


Have you been yearning to put your project car’s antiquated chassis to the test by stuffing an enormous, overpowered motor under the hood? Of course you have! We’ve all been there.

Well, you’ll be happy to know that Mopar, Fiat Chrysler’s parts division, is at the Specialty Equipment Market Association in Las Vegas getting ready to show off its $19,530 6.2-liter supercharged crate Hemi engine, as well as the new $2,195 Hellcrate engine kit with which that motor “plugs and plays.” Mopar describes the contents of the kit in its press release, saying:

The kit includes a powertrain control module (PCM), power distribution center, engine wiring harness, chassis harness, accelerator pedal, ground jumper, oxygen sensors, charge air temperature sensors and fuel pump control module for the 6.2-liter supercharged Crate HEMI Engine. The PCM is unlocked and set to the factory 707- horsepower calibration.


Mopar says its engineers optimized the Hellcrate Hemi Engine Kit for use with manual transmissions, and that the engine also requires a Front End Accessory Drive Kit, which includes things like a power steering pump, belts, an alternator, pulleys and more. The brand doesn’t mention pricing on that FEAD kit.

The Mopar “Hellcrate” HEMI® Engine Kit. Photo: Fiat Chrysler
The Mopar “Hellcrate” HEMI® Engine Kit. Photo: Fiat Chrysler

Mopar says the Hellcrate kit is “the first-ever supercharged, 707-horsepower factory-backed crate engine kit,” and head of Mopar Pietro Gorlier says something similar:

Never before has a supercharged, factory-direct 707-horsepower crate engine kit been offered, and we are proud to be the first to deliver a solution enthusiasts have demanded...


While “first-ever supercharged, 707-horsepower factory-backed crate engine kit” seems like an awfully specific thing to brag about being first to, and the price tag isn’t exactly cheap, it’s hard not to find a 700+ horsepower crate engine with a three-year/unlimited mileage warranty at least somewhat awesome.

I’d love to throw one in my Grand Wagoneer. It think it would fit.

Sr. Technical Editor, Jalopnik. Always interested in hearing from auto engineers—email me. Cars: Willys CJ-2A ('48), Jeep J10 ('85), Jeep Cherokee ('79, '91, '92, '00), Jeep Grand Cherokee 5spd ('94).

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Hellcat Magnum anyone?