The M5 Could Be the Only BMW 5-Series With a V8 After 2024

Rumor says BMW is killing the V8-powered M550i, to be replaced by a hybrid version. The M5 would keep its V8 for now, thankfully.

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Times are a changin’, and with every automaker making a pivot to hybrids, plug-ins and all-electric vehicles, the enthusiast community is losing big, powerful engines. It may be time to pour another one out: As reported by Motor1, the BMW 5-Series could be losing its V8 in all models except the M5.

BMW has already started on its pivot to electrified drivetrains. The new 7 series, revealed in April and set to go on sale in spring of 2023, has a new design and hybrid and all-electric drivetrains.


So, it’s only natural BMW would look to do the same with the 5-Series as it works to refresh and rebuild its portfolio. And don’t forget the European Union’s emissions and fuel-economy regulations, which are getting more restrictive — and, consequently, killing our ICE darlings.

According to BMWBlog, insiders have indicated that the V8-powered M550i will lose its V8, potentially to be replaced by a hybrid M560e. That new 5-Series would include the same mild-hybrid technology found in the 7-Series, with a 3.0-liter inline-six battery-boosted to as much as 570 hp.


As of right now, the M5 gets to keep its twin-turbo V8. But remember, BMW already hinted at a hybrid variant, and eventual all-electric version of the super-sedan in the future, and it has already been confirmed the M5 is gaining a charging port sometime soon. The 4.4-liter V8 will be paired with the same hybrid unit from the 760i to produce a whopping 750 horses.

I reached out to BMW for comment, and they’ve said they haven’t released any information on the 5 series powertrain, so they cannot comment at this time.


So I guess, stay tuned.