The Kid Did It: More On Hulk Hogan's Burning Lamborghini

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We've been updated on the mysterious flambe incident involving what we thought was Hulk Hogan's Lamborghini Diablo VT. It seems it was the Hulkster's not-so-Hulkish son, also seems it wasn't Hulk's Lambo. That actually makes sense as we're not so sure he can afford it, unless that reality tv show starts to make some major bank. But, according to a post on supraforums (where we've been told little Nicky's a member) the following's the real story:

"the car was cecile barker's-the owner of sobe entertainment (the label to sign my sis) i drive some of his exotics weekly to keep them running, this lambo hadnt been driven in 3 years so cecile has a guy change the battery and says its fine to drive, so im driving it myself and im head to bal harbor when i noticed the gauge cluster died and im like wtf, and almost seconds after that i smelled electrical fire and by the time i pulled over the back end of car was on fire and i called 911 and tried to find a fire extinguisher but no luck and by the time the fire truck got there the car was totaled. anywas ill post my phone pics of the car on fire later"

So there you go. The kid did it and it wasn't his fault. Luckily he was smart and quick enough to take camera pictures of the fire — because that's like step one in "What to do when your Lambo catches fire." Wish we had remembered that one when we posted on those Ferraris going up in flames. [Hat tip to Mike]


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