The Jalopnik March Madness Beat-Off Failure Four

The Final Four is here and perhaps the favorite for the Beat-Off is out of the running!

Yes, the E36, beloved autocross/trackday/dorifto hare has been knocked out by the Mercedes W123 tortoise. I'm surprised, sure, but not totally against this decision. I mean, if you want something to tune and race, the E36 is going to be the better beater choice, but if you just want something to drive and not die, the Merc is probably the car you want.


But is it durable enough to beat that other durable, fun daily, the first gen Subaru Impreza? You certainly don't see many W123s at rallycrosses and autocrosses, but hey, maybe you should.

Even more exciting will be the all-out enthusiast's choice between the light, precise, second-gen CRX and the rattle-ey, rumble-ey Fox Body. The CRX has been cleaning up with huge victory margins all through this competition while the Mustang has just been scraping by in the past two rounds. Do you like your fun cars front-drive and four-cylinder, or rear-drive and vee-eight?

In any case, now is the time when we must decide the final battle, and take the top four down to two. You have 24 hours to vote and tomorrow we choose the overall victor.

As always, catch up with last round's voting right here, and if you have no clue why I'm talking about beating anything off, check out the intro to this series right here.


Photo Credit: BMW/Hieronymus Bosch (Christ's Descent Into Hell)

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