Back in June, Jack Cottle drove his girlfriend's VW Polo into the Brands Hatch Circuit during a race with her and another passenger in the car. Since the British don't fool around when it comes to motorsport, Jack just got sentenced to eight months in jail.

According to the BBC, Judge Martin Joy said the defendant had "endangered many lives" and his actions were "premeditated" and "inexcusable". The judge also had this to add:

With your girlfriend in the front passenger seat and your other friend in the back filming, you drove your girlfriend's car on to the track.

You drove a full circuit and I have seen the films with sound commentary showing your girlfriend was hysterical and screaming and begging you to stop, and also protesting it was her car.


The prosecutor also pointed out that apart from his girlfriend's totally ignored panic attack, Cottle also endangered the racers who didn't expect to find a considerably slower car on the track, while organizers Fun Cup UK also lost about £4,200 due to the race being cut half an hour shorter.

The owners of Brands Hatch Circuit are particularly concerned about this being copied after going viral on Youtube, but the eight month sentence should be enough to keep others who "lack maturity and are easily led" from doing something similar.