It must be time for another recession, because just like in the late 1980s the market is again awash with supercars. Like the Farbio GTS400. It's a lot like the regular Farbio GTS, but with a 400 after its name and an extra 148 HP (410 in total now, to be precise) thanks to a new induction and exhaust system and a big ol’ supercharger. But high power and low weight (just 2,300 lbs) aren’t the only story here. Farbio's built the GTS to be a Gentleman’s high-speed tourer, something that’s equally capable lapping a sunny foreign racetrack as it is ferrying a pretty young thing to cocktails.


As such, not only is there room for passengers up to 6’6” tall (the maximum allowable height for Czech supermodels) but the GTS comes with a trunk big enough for a set of golf clubs or at least a weekend’s worth of luggage. Added performance is also provided by revised aerodynamics. A flat underfloor joins new front and rear diffusers intended to make the GTS400 more stable at speed. It’ll need that stability too, top speed is estimated to be somewhere north of 185 MPH, while 60 MPH comes up in only 3.7 seconds. We’re guessing that every single one of the GTS’s customer base (hedge fund managers) is now unable to afford the $142,000 asking price, so lets hope those life-changing, redeem yourself for years of financial crimes internships at non-profits really pay off soon. [Farbio via Caradisiac]