The Genesis Mint Concept Is Something Very Different for the City

OK, so it’s not a sports car like we half-expected. But the Genesis Mint Concept, the new luxury brand’s latest concept car debut at the New York Auto Show, is definitely something different.

Update: More details below now that it’s been unveiled.


The concept actually isn’t set to be unveiled until later this evening. As such, we don’t know a ton about this concept yet except for some low-res, leaked photos from Switzerland’s 20 Minutes (the place we all go to get our automotive scoops, I’m sure) and some loosely translated details.

But from those, we know the Mint is an electric hatchback and city car, which to me seems aimed directly at Mini’s electrified plans (and another direct shot at BMW from Genesis.) It’s a swoopy hatchback design with huge wheels and, of all things, hinged rear doors that pop out of the trunk.

Practical? Probably not. Easy to get in and out of? I can’t image so. Cool for a concept? Hell yes.


Underneath the sheet metal 20 Minutes says it has similar electric running gear to cars like the Kia Niro and Hyundai Ioniq, said to be good here for more than 210 miles of range.

We’ll know more about this thing when it officially drops tonight, but I hope it’s a preview for a similarly good-looking city EV—even if those doors aren’t likely to make it to reality.


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