The Fourth-Generation Honda Fit Has Me Feeling Things

Gif: Motor1

I own a 2008 Honda Fit Sport, which was the second-generation, though the first generation of the car to appear in the U.S. The car is set for a refresh in 2020 and I’ll be honest, I’m feeling kind of paternal about it, after seeing new spy video.

Motor1 has a whole discussion about how the car’s styling might be “polarizing,” but honestly anyone who cares about styling in a Honda Fit is kidding themselves a bit. This is a car that starts at $16,190 currently. That will surely go up a bit with the new generation, but not by much.


What do you get with the Honda Fit? You get an econobox that basically drives forever. And, sure, you can argue that even econoboxes deserve to have some thought put into styling, but, honestly, I couldn’t care less. My Fit’s front end recently got dislodged, and the rear end has always been scuffed up, so I had to get some body work done, and after it was all over, it looked better, but it also looked just like a Honda Fit.

The gains in downforce, though, just incredible.

Anyway, the biggest question with the new Fit is whether there’ll be a fully-electrified version, which would make a lot of sense. The biggest thing I feel, though, is pride. Here is a new version of my own small car, a bulwark against the prevailing winds of the day, its own small statement, that reason and sense may again rule.

News Editor at Jalopnik. 2008 Honda Fit Sport.



I know 3 people who own early 2010's fits, and all 3 of them complain that on long drives the A/C stops working or works badly. Is this a thing with these cars or are my friends just super unlucky?