Pictures of Ferrari’s much anticipated new hybrid supercar has already been leaked a bit, in a now-deleted blurry picture on Instagram, but now there’s a full set of what appear to be Ferrari press photos of what is called the SF90 Stradale. It’s clearly crammed full of Ferrari DNA, though it does have a somewhat busy, techno-fetishy sort of look.


The rear is remarkably busy, with multiple folds and panels and gaps and windowed areas; there seems to be a small horizontal slit of a rear window above the engine-viewing glass dome, flanked by perforated air vents and buttresses that flow into the rear wing.

The roof and greenhouse are all black, which forms an interesting inset-pod like effect of the glass into the rest of the (here, red) body. It almost looks like it could be ejected out if things got too hairy. Almost.

The main side air intake vents are high, above he beltline, and the exhaust tips are quite high as well, above the large rear diffusers and below the narrow rear band that contains the squashed quad taillamps.


The rear also has a twin round flaps of some sort—one is likely for fuel for the big V8 engine, and perhaps one is a plug-in port for the three other electric motors? No one has said if this is to be a plug-in hybrid or not, but, maybe? Word on the street is this hybrid 3.9-liter V8 will put out a combined 970-ish horsepower, perfect for jaunts to the supermarket and back.


The rear also has this very excited/terrified-looking face.


The front end is very squinty, and you can see the three-stripe DRLs clearly; this motif also seems to show up at the rear, perhaps as the rear marker lamp.

The front end, especially the air dam and intakes, is much less complex and fussy than the rest of the car, which is interesting, and I like the way the side air intakes are visible, like ears.


I’m not entirely sure how I feel about the look just yet, but I don’t think I hate it; it’s complicated and a little busy, but striking and exciting, too. The actual reveal is expected to happen later today, so we should be getting better pictures, officially, pretty soon.

Until then, start forming strong opinions!

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