Ferrari's decision to build six production examples of the Pininfarina Sergio Concept didn't really come as that much of a surprise, since it's just a fantastic opportunity to make a shit ton of money. What is a surprise is just how little it changed from the concept. And how good it still looks.

The "production" Sergio (can you say production when there will only be six built?) basically just adds a windshield to the concept on the outside and a slightly different rear end with what appear to be stock 458 rear lights in a new housing. On Twitter, Ferrari confirmed that the tweaks from concept to production were very minor, with certain bits like the mirrors and indicators coming straight from the 458. They also say that it has "functioning rear lights," which is truly confidence inspiring.


The interior is just 458 like you know and love (or hate. Or have never experienced).

It's a great looking little thing, with low, sweeping lines and a totally different aesthetic to anything that Ferrari makes today. I quite like it.

There will just be six of them made, and the price is expected to be about $3 million a piece. That's better than the $6 million a one off car typically costs, but more than a LaFerrari or even the FXX K.


And you'll probably never see a Sergio anywhere ever. Too bad.