The Facelifted 2021 Jaguar F-Type Got A Whole Lot Meaner

All image credits: Jaguar

Despite being around for nearly eight years, I didn’t think the Jaguar F-Type needed any facelifting. But now that I’ve seen the 2021 Jaguar F-Type, I think I get it. The face is a whole lot meaner. And there’s still a supercharged V8, thank god.

Like the pre-facelift F-Type, the new versions still come in four-, six- and eight-cylinder configurations, according to an emailed company press release. The base model is the turbocharged four-cylinder with 296 horsepower. The most powerful version is the F-Type R, with all-wheel drive, a supercharged, 5.0-liter V8 and 575 HP. All models will also be offered in coupe and convertible versions.


There’s also a new Quiet Start function on the supercharged V8 options so your neighbors aren’t driven to murder after a few days of you owning your new Jag, but as we just went over this morning, where’s the fun in that?

Unfortunately, since Jaguar decided to kill off all its manual F-Type models, none of the 2021 F-Types will be offered with a six-speed manual. Instead, they will all maintain the use of ZF’s Quickshift eight-speed transmission, which shifts like silk anyway, so you needn’t worry.

Inside, you’ll find a 12.3-inch instrument cluster and Android Auto and Apple CarPlay as standard features. But other than that, the interior looks basically the same.


The biggest difference, obviously, is the face. The headlights have been slimmed way down and pivoted by almost 90 degrees. The side grilles have been widened, too. The whole thing is sleeker and meaner-looking.


In the back, it doesn’t look like much as been changed. Not that it needed it.


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