We knew it was going to happen but it still doesn’t make it any easier to accept: Jaguar has discontinued the three-pedal option on the 2020 F-Type. It’s a low volume-selling car with an unpopular option. No surprises there.

When the F-Type debuted, it came exclusively with the eight-speed automatic transmission. But then Jag went ahead and introduced a manual option for the rear-wheel drive V6 F-Type S a couple of years later, which was widely praised as the superior version anyway.


The take rate on these manual F-Types, however, was apparently so low that Jaguar won’t continue them for the 2020 model year, a spokesperson confirmed to us. Only about four percent of F-Types were bought with three pedals, Car and Driver estimates. Indeed, if you go onto Jag’s website and try to spec out a 2020 F-Type right now, there is no more manual option available.

While there are still a bunch of other fun sports cars you can get with a manual today, it still kind of sucks when one of them gets taken away from us. Especially a very pretty one like the F-Type. The option lives on in the UK, though.

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