The F1 Test Driver Who Lost Her Eye Is Back And Smiling

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F1 test driver Maria De Villota lost an eye when she crashed into parked truck early in July. She gave her first interview to Spain's ¡Hola! magazine and she's happy to be alive.


De Villota complains of headaches that may last for years and a loss of smell and taste, but in her interview she spoke positively about the crash.

The accident has given me a new perspective about life, about the things that matter…Now I have just one eye maybe I perceive more things than before. Before this, my life was a race against the clock, and now I see you have to stop and measure things in a different way.


She also spoke about the crash itself and the horror of waking up.

The first day I looked at myself in the mirror I had 140 black stitches on my face, and they looked like they had been stitched with a boat rope, and I had lost my right eye. I was terrified.

While she is out of the hospital, she has more surgeries to come. She says that the worst is behind her and we wish her a speedy recovery. Officials are still investigating the cause of her crash.


(Hat tip to Jaaag Hartley!)

Photo Credit: ¡Hola!

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Jason Torchinsky

It's shallow, yes, but she looks pretty terrific with an eyepatch.